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    Chief of Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI), DIG Banaj Kumar Majumder, BPM, PPM had been awarded the highest honour Bangladesh Police Medal (BPM) for his courageous performance and outstanding contributions in the field of service. Honourable Prime Minister handed over the reognition at Police Week-2019.


  • Three police officers from PBI, Superintendent of Police Md. Shahadat Hossain, Inspector Md. Abu Hasan Kabir and md. Abul Kashem has been awarded the President Police Medal (PPM) in 2019 for their outstanding performance and contributions to the service. 

  • ১১ দিন আত্মগোপনে থাকার পর জুয়েলকে গ্রেফতার করতে সক্ষম হয়েছে পুলিশ ব্যুরো অব ইনভেস্টিগেশনের (পিবিআই) চট্টগ্রাম মেট্রো ইউনিটের সদস্যরা।

  • Respected Inspector General of Police (IGP) was giving a Valuable Briefing to The PBI (Police Bureau of Investigation) Officer’s At PHQ (Police Head Quarters). (19/07/2017)

  • The Quarterly Crime Conference held on 18/07/2017 at Police Bureau of Investigation Head Quarters, Presided Over By the Respected DIG, PBI.

  • Salauddun Talukder, additional SP, PBI, Rima Sultana, ASP, Special Investigation Unit, PBI, Md Nurunnabi, Inspector, Special Investigation Unit, PBI , Sontosh Kumar Chakma, Inspector, Chittagong Metropolitan, PBI, Will attend in a course under Central Bureau of Investigation Academy(CBI), Ghaziabad,India, Duration-(From-20/03/2017 to 31/03/2017)

  • Md. Asaduzzaman, Addl SP, PBI Dhaka is leaving Dhaka on 02 April 2016 for China to attend a seminar on Publice Security and Counter Terrorism. The seminar would be hold from 15 April 2016 in China.

  • Ms Nazli Selina, Sr ASP, PBI HQs
    Insp Md Abdur Rouf, PBI Bogra
    Insp Nurul Islam Siddique, PBI Dhaka Metro
    Insp Abu Jafar Md Omar Faruque, PBI Ctg
    SI Md Jalal Uddin Mahmud, PBI HQs
    are attending a course in India. They are scheduled to return by the end of March 2016.

  • Mr. Md Anisur Rahman, Addl SP, PBI Khulna
    Insp Abu Hena Md Mostafa Kamal, PBI Dhaka
    Insp Kshitish Chandra Roy, PBI HQs and
    Insp Md Abdul Bakey Beg, PBI HQs
    attended a training programme held in India and returned to home country.

  • Mr. A T M Faruque Ahmed, Addl SP PBI Comilla is in India to attend a course on Individual Identification Techniques. He is scheduled to return by the mid of March 2016.

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  • Md Abdus Salam, Addl SP, PBI Rangpur is leaving Dhaka on 2 Nov 2015 for China to attend a seminar.­ The seminar would be held from 4-23 Nov 2015 in China.

  • Mr. Ahsan Habib (Palash), SSP, PBI left Dhaka on 26 Oct 2015 for USA for a short visit. He would visit some of the high tech facilities of USA and acquire knowledge to put it in practice in detecting serious cases in PBI.

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  • PBI has completed 3 years of its foundation on 17 Oct 2015. It was raised on 18 Oct 2012. Congratulations to all members of PBI on its 4th Foundation Anniversary and wish it would achieve its desired objectives in investigating cases in a very professional manner using scientific and/or forensic tools to bring offenders before justice and expedite the process of establishment of rule of law in the society.    

  • Awf‡hvMKvix Zvui gvgjv ev Awf‡hv‡Mi djvdj wcweAvB I‡qemvBU Gi Your Case Status AvBK‡b wK¬K K‡i †`L‡Z cvi‡eb|

  • Learned courts of the country in different districts have been appreciating quality of investigation of PBI in a very high sounding word. A judge said that he did not see such a qualitative investigation in his whole service career. Another Judge raised the case docket in an open court and appreciated PBI’s investigation.

  • A short presentation was made on Crime Database Management System (CDMS) of Bangladesh Police at PBI HQs on 3 Sep 2015. PBI strives to take lead in operating and maintaining of CDMS.

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      It is my pleasure to welcome you in Police Bureau of Investigation website. The Police Bureau of Investigation has emerged as Bangladesh's premier, specialized and lead investigation agency, deals with multifaceted serious and organized crimes. This vast array of investigative work has made PBI a responsive, accountable and service oriented organization.

      The PBI is striving hard to deliver the best services possible to the people to bring the positive changes in the arena of criminal investigation by introducing scientific, forensic and biometric method through an efficient, skilled and impartial manner. I as head of the organization assure full adherence to solving crime and bringing the offenders to justice through a team of dedicated, professional and competent officers.

      We are committed to make PBI a responsive public service organization providing a premium class, efficient and professional service. My team and I assure you of the utmost commitment, dedication and hard work to meet the expectations of the people and the future challenges.

      I would like to thank you for visiting our website and welcome any comments or suggestions to improve the performance of the organization.

                                                  DIG Banaj Kumar Majumder, BPM, PPM

PBI Pledge for justice through excellence in criminal investigation.
PBIEnsure technology-based investigation of criminal cases by imparting modern training to investigators to enhance their capacity, efficiency and skill which will contribute to bring the offenders before the justice and establish rule of law.
PBI Maximise use of scientific tools and modern equipment to investigate cases;
PBIGradual shift from oral testimony to physical evidence based investigation;
PBI Be friendly with the court and prosecution;
PBIKeep victim and/or complainant updated with the development of cases;
PBI Investigate relentlessly to avoid unnecessary delay and
PBI Earn people’s confidence through free, fair and impartial investigation.

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